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So Sorry, it will be 2022
Plein Air” in Poland--On the Road Again with Krystyna!”

“Plein Air painting on location is exciting—I love it!” And I miss it so dearly--but common sense says this year is not going to be the right time to visit Poland, or really any European locations that are fabulous for Plein Air. Even here in the US many of the Plein Air events have been cancelled or at least delayed until the Fall.

So after talking to some of you, we have taken steps to move our Poland Reservations forward a year to the same Fall September period in 2022—the Spring is still possible, but the Fall in Poland is beautiful, less crowded, Festivals everywhere, and the culinary experiences so much better with the local, fresh Summer harvests that it just seems like the right time. And, surely by next year we will have a COVID vaccine to protect all of us.

I hope you will continue your plans to join me in September 2022, I will keep you on the mail list of course, and do a Poland update occasionally on Facebook; Krystyna Robbins Studio and Workshops. , And please just call or drop me a quick email if you have a preferred date or simply won’t be able to make it in 2022—right now it looks like 2 weeks somewhere between 6 and 26 Sept is the best time.

And, You can still “Dream” about the Experience yet to come!

Plein Air will challenge you to deal with the changing light to quickly capture the scene before color and shadows look completely different or disappear entirely. And the weather can suddenly turn a good day into a battle for survival. I guess that is why we get the nickname of Guerilla Painters.

My trip to Poland Studio 915 584 0953
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Workshop at Krystyna's Garden
Krystyna Renata Robbins Oil Painting Workshop
Krystyna Renata Robbins Oil Painting Workshop

Come Paint with Me!!
Oils & Acrylics

August 2-5, 2021, Innsbruck Village, Ruidoso, NM
A special location; Sponsored by the Innsbruck Artists. I have taught here for over 20 years--large private studio. Lovely condo, affordable accommodations available on site. 4 days, $260, Studio Fee $15/day. Four days of no-stress environment, lots of painting, daily demos. Enjoy the Ruidoso Shopping and Nightlife. Contact: Charlsie; 214 783 0889.

October 8-10, 2021, My Fall Artist’s Studio Workshop El Paso, TX
5070 Yucca Place, Westside—Off Country Club. See what you can do with your palette knife! Daily demos. $65 per day on site; Limited to six students. Bring your camera and lunch! This will also be my first Virtual Workshop available on Zoom Live and You tube at your own time.

Jan TBD, 2022 Innsbruck Village, Ruidoso, NM
Sponsored by Innsbruck Artists, return to Innsbruck Village at a lovely, quiet time of the year to bring the winter “outdoors” to the Canvas. Very affordable accommodations available on site. 4 days, $260, Studio Fee $15/day.

May 6-8, 2022 My Spring Artist’s Studio & Gardens, El Paso,TX
5070 Yucca Place, Westside—Off Country Club. Lots of Spring blooms, daily demos. $65 per day Bring your camera and lunch! Limited to six students. Available on Zoom Live and You tube at your own time.

Ask about my Special Poland Workshop & Tour Late Summer-Fall 2022!!

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