Workshops with Krystyna Renata Robbins, El Paso, TX Artist

Oil Painting Workshops
“Paint with Depth & Texture”

My oil painting workshops are designed to accommodate the beginner and intermediate painter. Everyone will work at their own pace. I will concentrate on good design, including drawing techniques and achieving correct perspective in each painting. Also, color mixing for beautiful complimentary colors in the rich Southwestern hues, as well as creating exquisite textures on canvas using brush and palette knife, will be covered.

Each day I will start out with a demonstration, and leave plenty of time for students to paint, with individual attention.

Some introduction to Plein Air (on location painting) will be included, as to students desire.

Each workshop is unique according to its location. Studio workshops usually do not include much travel. Most work is done indoors, using set ups or reference photos. Occasionally using models.

In the case of overseas or other travel locations, we will include plein air painting and visits to neighboring areas or villages for site seeing or just photo shoots. All arrangements for these type of workshops are made for the students ahead of time. All explanations for packing, travel, supply lists, and payment plans will be included in a workshop package.

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Hacienda Las Trancas Workshop Students

Workshop at Krystyna's Garden
Krystyna Renata Robbins Oil Painting Workshop
Krystyna Renata Robbins Oil Painting Workshop

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